Sijil/Diploma Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM/DKM) Programs

Our Programs

SKM- Culinary - English

SKM- Electrical - English

SKM- Electronics - English

SKM- F&B - English

SKM- Mechatronics (Automation) - English

SKM- Office Management - English

SKM- Vocational Training Officer - English

SKM Kulinari - Malay

SKM Elektrik - Malay

SKM Elektronik - Malay

SKM- F&B - Malay

SKM Automasi (Mekatronik) - Malay

SKM Pengurusan Pejabat - Malay

SKM Pegawai Latihan Vokasional (VTO) - Malay

To provide opportunity for Malaysian employees to increase their skills by participating in high value-added professional certification that would enhance their career development. 

Work-Based Learning
Global Mobility
Campus Facilities

Why Choose Stradford International College?

The college offers wide spectrum of courses from its various faculties like foundation/ Pre U Studies (Canadian Pre U/ FIS – preparing for admission to degree courses in universities worldwide ) , Business Studies, Hotel Management, Engineering , Information Technology (IT) , Cambridge English (IELTS/ ESOL ) preparatory courses, Skills Certificate, Diploma Courses & Corporate training Programs.

Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning provides students hands-on experience with industry partners for a year. During this duration, they will gain real world, practical learning experiences. This complements the classroom learning that students would have gained in their first two years of their degree, increasing their career readiness.

Structured learning opportunities, achieved through authentic work experiences guided by the industry partner and academic supervisor. Students are more connected to the working world which motivates them to develop skills that will prepare them for success.

Global Mobility

Stradford International College’s Global Mobility Programmes provide students with an opportunity to study and live in a new country to enhance their international experience and develop cross-cultural competencies. We are committed to preparing students for a future in which they will become global citizens.

Campus Facilities

Our campuses provide students with a comprehensive list of features and facilities to cater to our students’ learning needs and comfort during their years with us. We believe in creating an environment that is conducive for learning and development to complement our academic programmes.

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