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Canadian Pre University

Course information

Course Name: Canadian Pre-University (CPU)

Duration: 1 year 

Entry Requirements: SPM / O’Level or equivalent with 5 credits & above

MOHE Approval Code: KPT/JPS/R010/3/0004

MQA Accreditation Code: MQA (FA0210)

Program Description

The Canadian Pre-University program (CPU) , an internationally recognized qualification from Canada E-School under the Ministry Of Education of Ontario, Canada offered by Stradford International College opens the door to admission to reputed Universities Worldwide. This 1 year program (3 semesters) covers a broad spectrum of courses with flexible subject combinations to choose from depending on your entry requirements for university studies. 

Students are required to take 7 credit  courses. English 4C / English 4U are compulsory  and students could choose any other 6 courses from the courses offered depending on their future courses of study.  Students who successfully complete 7 credit courses will be awarded the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). 

CPU assessment is based on 70% continuous internal assessment and 30% final examination. Regular assignments, presentation, quizzes, projects and class tests in the course work will groom the students into well-rounded individuals with performance-based skills and the right attitude to meet the challenges inside and outside the campus.

Innovative and interactive teaching strategies from group work to independent research units and from traditional to cutting-edge teaching styles. 

CPU is also pioneering the blended learning style whereby students learn and complete their work using online methods. Quality assurance standards are set by the Ontario Ministry of Education, Canada and are monitored regularly by qualified external Canadian verifiers.

All the more, its highly sought after CPU course equips the students with critical thinking skills, an independent learning approach coupled with leadership qualities developed through involvement in extracurricular activities.

Thus, it provides seamless transition from secondary to tertiary education for the student by ensuring not only a place in reputed Universities but also the competency to face the challenges of the modern world.

This program is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) and is accredited by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA).

Further Education

CPU is recognized internationally by universities throughout the world & graduates can successfully gain entry to reputed bachelor degree programs in universities worldwide. CPU graduates are currently studying at UCLA, Harvard, University of Melbourne, University of Toronto, and Cornell University… etc. Many of our CPU students have proceeded to medical / dentistry / pharmaceutical/ engineering studies in reputed universities in many countries across the globe.



Engineering Studies



Career Prospects

  • CPU is internationally recognized qualification offering the student to choose any six subjects combination depending on their future course of study leading to one’s choice of any special careers of their passion and interests.
  • CPU is a highly sought after course by students to seek admissions to bachelor degree programs at reputed Universities worldwi to realize their dream career.




Normal Fee

Promotion Fee       

Malaysian Students

RM 32,000  

RM 27,500

International Students

RM 34,000

RM 32,500


Subjects (Please choose 7 subjects including English 4C/4U from the following list of subjects)

·English 4C / 4U / 3U

·Physics 4U / 3U

·Chemistry 4U / 3U

·Biology 4U / 3U


·Study Skills

·Malaysian Studies / BM Communication I

·Bahasa Kebangsaan A / Writing Skills

·Comparative Ethics

·Creative Thinking

·English Literacy Skills Development

·World History: The West and The World

·Analysis Current : Economic Issues

·Challenges and Changes in Society

·Canadian and International Law

·Individual and Families in a Diverse Society

·Financial Accounting Principles

·International Business Fundamentals

·Mathematics of Data Management

·Advanced Functions

·Canadian & World Issues

·Calculus and Vectors

·(Geographic Analysis)

·Computer Science

·Business Leadership : (Management Fundamentals)

Note : Malaysian Students are required to take MQA compulsory subjects Malaysian studies, Moral Studies / Islamic Studies and Bahasa Kebangsaan (Exempted for credit holders of Bahasa Malaysia in SPM exam)

About the Course

Entry Requirements

SPM / ‘O’ level or equivalent with 5 credits & above.

MOHE Approval Code


MQA Accreditation Code

MQA (FA0210)

Course Fees

Malayisan Students  : RM 27,500

International Students : RM 32,500

This internationally recognized qualification prepares the students for admission into undergraduate degree programs not only in Canada but also in almost every reputed universities across the globe. 

Work-Based Learning
Global Mobility
Campus Facilities

Why Choose Stradford International College?

The college offers wide spectrum of courses from its various faculties like foundation/ Pre U Studies (Canadian Pre U/ FIS – preparing for admission to degree courses in universities worldwide ) , Business Studies, Hotel Management, Engineering , Information Technology (IT) , Cambridge English (IELTS/ ESOL ) preparatory courses, Skills Certificate, Diploma Courses & Corporate training Programs.

Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning provides students hands-on experience with industry partners for a year. During this duration, they will gain real world, practical learning experiences. This complements the classroom learning that students would have gained in their first two years of their degree, increasing their career readiness.

Structured learning opportunities, achieved through authentic work experiences guided by the industry partner and academic supervisor. Students are more connected to the working world which motivates them to develop skills that will prepare them for success.

Global Mobility

Stradford International College’s Global Mobility Programmes provide students with an opportunity to study and live in a new country to enhance their international experience and develop cross-cultural competencies. We are committed to preparing students for a future in which they will become global citizens.

Campus Facilities

Our campuses provide students with a comprehensive list of features and facilities to cater to our students’ learning needs and comfort during their years with us. We believe in creating an environment that is conducive for learning and development to complement our academic programmes.

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